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Childhood Trauma/PTSD Course

Sign Up Today and start 2020 out free from old wounds, childhood trauma and struggle. These Online Courses are guaranteed to give you the tools you need to heal, move forward and conquer the anxiety, doubts and insecurities you have been carrying with you since you were a child.  Each course is $100.00 but if you register by March 19th, they are buy one get one free.  That's two workshops for the price of one!  We also offer an easy, affordable payment plan of 4 installments of $25.00 per week for 4 weeks.

Each Life changing course provides action steps alongside habit changing practices to help you heal, recover and transform pain into purpose.  Are you ready to take a hands-on approach to your life, professionally and personally?  If you answered yes,then this is your lucky day! I believe so fully in the results of these courses because I personally overcame addiction, childhood trauma, ptsd  and abuse by using these tips, tools & strategies. 

 Sign up below to start healing today. 

Each online course provides:
~ 3 effective, easy to use, action steps to improve & change your habits with long term results.
~ Printable, Hands on worksheets to get you busy with the improvement of your own life.
 ~ 20 minute one on one session with Robin Marvel, this is totally optional, I would love to connect and get you where you want to be.

You have so much to gain and nothing to lose at this price!

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Robin Marvel
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Eliminating Negative Self Talk

Finding Forgiveness 

of Self & Others

Taking Personal Responsibility

Setting Boundaries & Saying No

 Overcoming Generational Beliefs


You Are Good Enough


Goal Planning & Success

Robin Marvel is setting a new standard in the personal development field, showing individuals how to transform your pain into purpose by discovering your Secret Sauce of life. She is a sought after speaker, author and secret sauce expert. Despite a childhood filled with trauma, abuse, poverty, homelessness, addiction and teen pregnancy, Robin Marvel, has overcome all odds and has unparalleled experience in the field of personal development due to the personal struggles she turned into success. She walks her talk in all areas of her life. Robin Marvel is widely known for her authentic style, hands on approach and showing others how to open your own secret sauce to a life of confidence, purpose and happiness. Currently speaking throughout the United States and Canada, Robin is proud to call Michigan home. You can book her for your events at [email protected] -989.544.1186

I would encourage anyone who is going thru issues, what ever they are to take this workshop. Robin breaks down the steps to help you,which are very easy to understand. I found the material very easy to use, but it’s important that you do the work. Robin is a very knowledgeable lady and she is available to help with any questions or issues you may have. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. I’d give it 5 stars.- Micheal

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

This course helps start off my days in a very positive way. Showing me positives about myself when I might have been leaning towards saying something negative. I'm usually pretty good to others but definitely the most hard on myself. I guess I'm not nearly as bad as I had kinda thought.  
Makes me feel pretty damn good. Thank u, Robin!! U may have gifted me a knowledge of this I could have never seen on my own doing. - Kyle

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC