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Robin Marvel-
Multi-published Author/Speaker/Childhood Trauma Expert

"Robin came to speak at our women's networking group, and her presentation was definitely a hit. Her caring yet strong presentation style and ability to connect and relate to her audience is wonderful. I would absolutely recommend her to any group looking for a motivational speaker" - Rivka, Unstoppable Women

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Confidence is not a personality trait…it is a skill. Learning to move with finesse, strength and not needing the validation of anyone, that’s confidence. 

I have certainly learned most things in life the hard way, overcoming the hard knocks of the hand I was dealt, survival mode was my only mode for years….but not anymore! 

"Our Brothers Keeper Shelter was pleased to welcome Robin to speak to our guests and volunteers. She was very open and honest about her past explaining she has walked in the same shoes, as many of our guests. Robin offered a program of steps, including suggestions that will lead to completion of each level, for anyone to follow who is interested in improving their life. Both homeless guests and volunteers were eager to begin the process of self love and following the road map to success. Discussions about improvement continued the next few days at the morning meetings at the shelter. Thank you for your encouraging words and guidance. You are invited to return to Our Brothers Keeper Shelter anytime."- Peggy Frank, Treasurer

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Let’s get inspired with real life motivation from my real life! We are talking about real life mess ups, relatable situations, alongside practical advice that will create opportunities, remove limits and inspire you to live that better life you have been waiting on.  The first 25 people to register by March 28th by 7pm(est) for the newsletter will be entered to win a free book!

Hang on to your hats....Your life is about to change in 5, 4, 3, 2,1...This Wednesday!! You will be receiving your first Real Talk With Robin newsletter this Wednesday. We are going to be sharing some real life stuff that we have all gone through alongside some real life, motivating tips, tools and habits that will get you inspired to transform your life from existing to living!

Let's Go!
With Gratitude,
Robin Marvel
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 Discovering The Secret Sauce To You Online Course - $100.00-!!

You choose how to experience the next week, next month, next year, next decade....

Discovering The Secret Sauce online course is not about telling you how to change, it is about showing you how to change.  Sending you back out into the world with courage, tools and habits to use in your daily living that break through any limitation, overcoming all the challenges you face and create the quality of life you have been wanting and working towards.  

Course Objectives:

~Pinpoint the areas where you are stuck

~Tackle the fears, childhood traumas & limitations with concrete tools & strategies that will reprogram outdated belief systems and create new habits that create transformation

~Strategize new patterns to discover that secret sauce that will have you motivated to navigate change, find opportunities and live that inspired life every single day!

~Develop your future with a specific hands-on plan that is specific to your transformation to a thriving, successful life in every season, every era of your life!

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"Robin is a highly organized and articulate motivational speaker. She is able to engage people of diverse backgrounds with her very personable speaking style.  A presentation by Robin is guaranteed to be engaging, fresh, and tailored to the interests of the audience. I have worked with Robin on the development of two of her own books and planning of a new product line of books around spiritual empowerment." 

~ Victor Volkman, President Loving Healing Press

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Speaking Opportunities With Robin Marvel            [email protected]

No matter the group you are trying to motivate, whether a large group or a small group, I will not only motivate them with proven tools and strategies backed by science and actionable steps that will shift their life immediately, 
I will send them back out into the world with habits, confidence and tools that overcome the challenges they face daily, creating powerful morale, change-makers and communicators you strive to have within your group and company.  I personally guarantee participants will leave feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take action!! 

Prepare your attendants for a life changing, habit shifting, deeply personal, hands-on events that will show them how to amplify strengths and transform weaknesses! 
Customized to your goals, your event and the transformation you want to see within your partipants. Contact Robin today and lets create a plan that is tailor made for you and your group that produces extraordinary results, enhancing all areas of life, professional and personal.

231.287.4501      [email protected] 

In order to succeed we must be ready to push the limits, overcome challenges and go after what we want. Your actions, choices, thoughts and the words you speak determine the quality of your life, your productivity and your prosperity.-Robin Marvel

"I'm really big on people knowing their worth because that's what really changed my life, learning who I am and starting to respect myself.
It changed my perspective on everything."- Robin Marvel

"Thank you for coming and presenting at the GTW luncheon-your story was inspirational & real & moving.  Many women told me after that they were amazed at your strength- and then realized they were strong too! LOVE IT!! Keep up your great & important work!!" - Kandace Chapple & Kerry Winkler, Grand Traverse Woman 

"I think what you do is amazing and powerful and every person needs to hear what you have to say. I am a social work major at Ferris and your workshop really hit home with our values and ethics. Its a wonderful life changing workshop!  Thank you so much for taking your time and doing that for us! My life is forever changed!! I already have 3 positive sticky notes on my mirror" -Susan Parsley

"Robin's story is a powerful testament of the human spirit...overcoming that which could be a bad story to finding her Providence through the pain and creating a life that helps others. She is one of my heroes." ~ Pamela Smith Masters