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Guiding you out of Struggle and into Success

Robin Marvel-
Multi-published Author/Speaker/Childhood Trauma Expert

P- Pinpoint the areas of struggle in your life now that are a reflection of the childhood trauma you endured

T- Tackle limitations by learning how childhood trauma can be healed and forgiven

S- Strategize an effective plan that will take you from struggle to success

D- Discover hands-on action plans to heal, recover and let go of the limits imposed on your mental health and daily living due to childhood trauma

This course will:

Discover the areas you are blocked in your day to day living and start recovering from the childhood trauma that has kept you limited and struggling in your relationships, career and all areas of your life     

*Discover how your childhood trauma is affecting your day to day living as an adult.  Learn how your anxiety, depression and feeling inadequate are directly related to your childhood trauma

*Learn how your current relationships are influenced by the childhood trauma you endured

*Get ahead in all areas of your life by healing your childhood trauma

As a bonus you will receive The Healing Childhood Trauma Newsletter with weekly tips/tools to keep you moving forward!

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Healing Childhood Trauma 

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- Pinpoint the areas of struggle in your life now that are a reflection of the childhood trauma you endured
-Tackle limitations by learning how childhood trauma can be healed and forgiven
-Strategize an effective plan that will take you from struggle to success
-Discover hands-on strategies and plans to heal, recover and let go of the limits imposed on your daily living due to childhood trauma 

Post traumatic Stress, Anxiety, low self esteem, substance abuse, depression, a lack of confidence and many other mental and physical ailments are a result of childhood trauma you have endured.  Uncovering, accepting and healing this childhood trauma will allow you to let go of the pain, releasing yourself from the guilt, shame and self destruction you have been living with.  This book will provide you with tools and strategies to heal your childhood trauma allowing you to live fully. 

In order to succeed we must be ready to push the limits, overcome challenges and go after what we want. Your actions, choices, thoughts and the words you speak determine the quality of your life, your productivity and your prosperity.-Robin Marvel

"I'm really big on people knowing their worth because that's what really changed my life, learning who I am and starting to respect myself.
It changed my perspective on everything."- Robin Marvel

"Robin came to speak at our women's networking group, and her presentation was definitely a hit. Her caring yet strong presentation style and ability to connect and relate to her audience is wonderful. I would absolutely recommend her to any group looking for a motivational speaker" - Rivka, Unstoppable Women

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Childhood Trauma impacts all areas of our lives. We stay stuck in the emotions of that trauma, leading to anxiety, substance abuse, lack of self worth.  Stop searching for that temporary feel good and discover The tools and strategies to heal that childhood trauma and free yourself from the guilt, shame and obstacles you are living with.

Speaking events with Robin Marvel are fun, hands-on events that will show you how to amplify your strengths and transform weaknesses. Providing you with the focus, guidance and confidence you need to take personal responsibility in your life.  Encouraging you to accomplish continuous positive growth and see the results you are working for in all areas of your life. 

Working hands-on with Robin Marvel you will be given life changing actions paired with effective, easy to use daily tools, building a foundation of strength, you will achieve your results.  Robin will have you on your feet, encouraging a hands on approach to your happiness, to living for yourself, implementing habits for long term success in all areas of life! 

Things are about to get  successful and spectacular! Let's start an adventure that will give you an advantage in your personal and professional life. 

  Robin Marvel will give you the tools that will produce extraordinary results, enhancing your professional and personal life tenfold! 

Today, is your day - Ready, Set, Go!!! 

"Robin is a highly organized and articulate motivational speaker. She is able to engage people of diverse backgrounds with her very personable speaking style.  A presentation by Robin is guaranteed to be engaging, fresh, and tailored to the interests of the audience. I have worked with Robin on the development of two of her own books and planning of a new product line of books around spiritual empowerment." 

~ Victor Volkman, President Loving Healing Press

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"Our Brothers Keeper Shelter was pleased to welcome Robin to speak to our guests and volunteers. She was very open and honest about her past explaining she has walked in the same shoes, as many of our guests. Robin offered a program of steps, including suggestions that will lead to completion of each level, for anyone to follow who is interested in improving their life. Both homeless guests and volunteers were eager to begin the process of self love and following the road map to success. Discussions about improvement continued the next few days at the morning meetings at the shelter. Thank you for your encouraging words and guidance. You are invited to return to Our Brothers Keeper Shelter anytime."- Peggy Frank, Treasurer

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"Thank you for coming and presenting at the GTW luncheon-your story was inspirational & real & moving.  Many women told me after that they were amazed at your strength- and then realized they were strong too! LOVE IT!! Keep up your great & important work!!" - Kandace Chapple & Kerry Winkler, Grand Traverse Woman 

"I think what you do is amazing and powerful and every person needs to hear what you have to say. I am a social work major at Ferris and your workshop really hit home with our values and ethics. Its a wonderful life changing workshop!  Thank you so much for taking your time and doing that for us! My life is forever changed!! I already have 3 positive sticky notes on my mirror" -Susan Parsley

"Robin's story is a powerful testament of the human spirit...overcoming that which could be a bad story to finding her Providence through the pain and creating a life that helps others. She is one of my heroes." ~ Pamela Smith Masters

Life Check provides simple, effective ways to balance your life. Encouraging you to stop asking what if and start living the life you have imagined. Freeing yourself from the mundane routine of life by providing life tools that will get you rocking the boat, diving in and finding your passion for being alive!

About your life:

  • Do you keep asking yourself, when will I be happy?
  • Have you forgot what it feels like to be passionate about your life?
  • Do you allow excuses to become the reason you are not going after what you desire in your life?
  • Do you feel you are worth an amazing life and deserve to get all the things that you desire?
  • Have you been following the crowd so long you have lost sight of the real you?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, Life Check is the book for you!
  • We all have a story.Most of our stories have bumps and bruises that leave us at the fork in the road as to where to go next, feeling alone on the journey of life. Reshaping Reality will encourage you to shake your spirit awake from anything that is limiting you from your potential, propelling you into a life of purpose and meaning, giving you the support needed to grow, evolve, and empower your life. Today, you stop existing and start L-I-V-I-N-G.
    Readers who follow the Reshaping Realityexercises will:

  • Gain tools to reshape programmed beliefs
  • Discover what cycles you are stuck in and ways to break them
  • Learn how to break patterns of self destruction
  • Explore ways to reshape your inner child
  • Empower mind, body and spirit by taking an active approach to your life

  • Framing A Family- 
    Building A Foundation To Raise Confident Children 

    The aim of this book is to strengthen families, to inspire you to build your home with encouragement, empowerment and most important love. To let go of expectations and embrace the hard times and the good times with an open mind, ready to learn and ready to strengthen as a unit.